Treehouse of Horror XXIII

The Simpsons - Season 24 - Episode 2 - Treehouse of Horror XXIII
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About this Simpsons Episode:
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXIII is the second episode form season 24  and 510 overall in the series, being part of the Halloween specials (Treehouse of Horror Series).
The plot of this Episode has four parts:

Opening sequence
The episode opens an ancient Mayan city, a sacrifice is about to take place to prevent the end of the world from happening at the end of the 13th Baktun. A Mayan Homer, who has been fattened up to be sacrificed, hears about it for the first time (as he did not pay attention during orientation) and attempts to back out to no avail. However, his wife, a Mayan Marge, tricks a guard, a Mayan Moe, into getting himself sacrificed instead by promising him sex. After the sacrifice, a Mayan Professor Frink confirms that the world will end after the 13th Baktun, which, accounting for the Gregorian calendar and the birth of Jesus, puts the end of days in the year 2012 (with the Mayan Mayor Quimby placing the blame on Obama).
In the present, Homer encounters three Mayan stone gods, mistaking them for trick-or-treaters. One of them steps on Homer, then jumps on Flanders' house. The stone trio wreak havoc on Springfield and the world, destroying popular landmarks, causing rivers of lava to appear, and splitting the earth into large fissures. Once their destruction is done, they fly off, leaving the Earth to explode. In its place, the bloodied title, "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" appears.

The Greatest Story Ever Holed
The citizens of Springfield gather to witness the activation of the Springfield Particle Accelerator, although they originally wanted to use the money to build a new baseball stadium, but Lisa convinced them otherwise. Professor Frink activates the machine and it works, but nothing exciting happens, and everyone blames Lisa for her suggestion (with Lenny adding that the money they wasted on the particle accelerator could have been used for a war). When everyone is gone, two particles collide with each other and create a small black hole which floats off. Lisa finds it, and after it sucks up Ralph and Nelson, she takes it so that it will not cause any more trouble. The Simpsons put it in the basement and Lisa warns them not to throw anything in it or otherwise it will grow bigger, but of course Homer, Bart and Marge decide to use it as a trash disposal, and Homer even opens a business allowing people to throw their junk into it. But the black hole becomes huge and consumes everything in sight. The only person who is not sucked in is Maggie, whose pacifier flies into the black hole, inexplicably stopping it. Meanwhile, all of Springfield has been warped to an alternate planet, where aliens worship their trash.

Un-Normal Activity
When strange events occur at the Simpson house, Homer sets up cameras to photograph what is haunting them over a period of fifteen days. The culprit, while attempting to abduct Maggie, is revealed to be a Moe-like demon with whom Marge made a deal to save her sisters who summoned the demon as part of a Satanic ritual. However, as part of the deal to leave Patty and Selma alone, the demon would return 30 years later to take Marge's favorite child as payment (which turns out to be Maggie, much to Lisa's shock). Homer manages to convince the demon to relinquish the bargain in return for Homer to reluctantly engage in three-way sex with him and another demon.

Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure
Bart travels back to 1974 in Professor Frink's time machine to buy a comic book at 25 cents instead of the current $200 price at the Android Dungeon. He then finds Homer in high school, just moments before he meets Marge for the first time (as seen in the season two episode "The Way We Was," when the two met each other in detention). Before Bart returns to 2012, he tells Marge (who is already angry at teenage Homer for strangling Bart) to never get married to Homer. When Bart returns to 2012, he finds that Artie Ziff is now his father and the family is rich and successful, to the point where Nelson Muntz is now hired as Bart's butler and personal punching bag. 1970s Homer, who stowed away into the trunk of the time machine, finds out about Marge and meets 2012 Homer, who wants Marge. The two devise a plan, summoning every time incarnation of Homer to beat up Artie. Though the Homers lose badly despite greatly outnumbering Artie, they wind up winning over Marge, who takes pity on the beaten Homers.


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weird, funny, AMAZING! I totally recommend it to everyone!

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Awesome, The Simpsons really are back!